Friday, June 28, 2013

My Bride's Maid released

My Bride's Maid
Dvanna Hightower

Andrew Valentine is an average guy at the cusp of the most important moment of his life - marriage into a family of powerful women. But his future mother-in-law would rather see him shamed and abused than in bed with her gorgeous daughter. In order to please the matron of the house, Andrew must comply with her humiliating demands.

From panties to high heels, what begins as cruelly forced crossdressing quickly descends into psychological territory Andrew had never imagined exploring - degradation, desperation, and forbidden desire. As Andrew learns to become Andrea, he discovers a deep need to please and submit to strong women. Will this marriage be more than he can handle... or could it lead to the life of his dreams?

An excerpt for my dear readers:

   Andy choked. Framed in his bedroom doorway stood Mrs. Wellington. She blocked his way, her hands fixed on her hips. She'd abandoned her summer hat somewhere, and her frosted hair gleamed, tucked up into a smooth roll. Her firm legs bridged a pile of debris, and she stood surveying his disaster of a guest room.
   Even though she owned this house, her intrusion into Andy’s assigned sanctum felt like an invasion. His hostess thought so little of him, she wouldn’t even honor the privacy of his closed door.
   Andy wasn’t proud of the chaos he’d created, either. In front of Mrs. Wellington, the room looked twice as bad as he remembered it – like his luggage had exploded, the contents hurled around like shrapnel. This was no way to impress her. Why did she have to see this?
   Hearing his noise of dismay, Mrs. Wellington turned her cold disapproval upon him. Her pale eyes pierced his discomfort. “This is a disgrace,” she declared, each word dripping an icicle. His belly shivered. “How can you expect my daughter to live like this?”
   “Hey,” Andy said, scrambling for footing and dignity. “I just haven’t cleaned up, yet. I was going to..."
   “You will – now.”
   Andy blinked. “Uh... look, I’ll take care of it and catch up with you in a little while.”
   “Oh, no, Andrew Valentine. I am going to stay and supervise. You clearly need to be taught how to clean.”
   “I do all right,” he said. “Jessica–”
   “Don't you dare talk to me about how Jessica helps you clean up after yourself.” Mrs. Wellington's voice whipped over him, stinging. “My daughter should not be subjected to this filth.”
   Had he really been about to make that idiotic case? He grimaced. “I know how to clean up,” he tried again. “I just haven't had the time.”
   “You have time right now,” Mrs. Wellington said, “and you will take care of it, this instant – or you’ll have to explain to your fiancĂ©e that you’ve been kicked out of her mother’s house because you wouldn’t clean your room.”
   Andy winced inside, feeling three years old again. “Look, Mrs. Wellington...”
   Mrs. Wellington spread her stance, gorgeous legs wide, and Andy felt even more frazzled. She shook a finger at him. “I don't want to hear it, boy. You’re going to apologize for your insolent arguments and get to work. Say ‘I’m sorry, ma’am.’”
   Overcome by this sudden deluge, Andy's mouth dropped open, and dully, he echoed, “Sorry, ma’am.” Something odd flopped inside him, a sharp jolt that slid into crushed velvet.
   “‘I’m sorry, ma’am,’” she corrected.
   “I’m sorry, ma’am,” he tried again. The spike of velvet wrung in his belly. There was something both terrible and wonderful about it.
   “Now get to work.”

Of course, she only gets tougher from there, with blackmail, caning, a maid uniform, degradation, humiliation, and more...

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