Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Upcoming release

My newest release is almost finished. It's a novel about forced crossdressing... which, over the course of a day, becomes not-so-forced crossdressing.

It has been mind-bending for me to write, because I'm a female dominant trying to write from the perspective of a male bottom learning to be a female submissive. I've had to pay so much attention to what it feels like to be female, it's giving me a crick in my neck from looking over my own shoulder.

I suspect this story goes a lot further into mental detail than most crossdressing erotica out there, because I had to examine it all step by step from the inside out. It even involved some experimental dressing, on my part. Yes, I wrote parts of this novel wearing too-tall heels and frillies....

If you like forced crossdressing and sissy maids, keep an eye out for my new one: "My Bride's Maid" by Dvanna Hightower, June 2013!

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