Monday, November 11, 2013

The Hesitant Mistress - Free digital edition

The Hesitant Mistress is now available for loyal fans through the Kindle Matchbook program.

If you own or buy a paperback edition of The Hesitant Mistress, you can now download a free digital copy to your Kindle device or app. Learn more.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Those thoughtful touches

Two days ago, my slaveboy offered the type of submission I love most: voluntary service.

Sure, most submissive men would prefer to be actively dominated ("On your knees, worm!") but as a domme, it thrills me to know my slave is my slave when I'm not even there. It's romantic. It demonstrates devotion. Most of all, it arouses me. So pay attention, boys - here's how to wow your woman.

This weekend my boy and I spent a long and lovely vacation together. We booked a hotel for the weekend and spent hot days out in the summer sun. One night, I returned to the hotel bathroom to freshen up before bed, and discovered a dab of toothpaste on my toothbrush. My boy had put it there while brushing his own teeth. It was a thoughtful little touch intended to make my life easier.

Understand, I don't need toothpaste added to my toothbrush. I'm an adult. I can do this myself. It takes me less than 10 seconds. It would never occur to me to assign this task to my boy. But he took it upon himself.

When I emerged from the bathroom, I gave my boy the lavish praise he was hoping for. I wanted him to understand how much I appreciated this sweet little touch in my day.

And, guess what? In the morning, the toothpaste was there again.

This is romance. Flowers, chocolates, all of those cliches - they're just this dab of toothpaste, a moment taken out of the day to say "I'm thinking of you."

I've read somewhere about another femdom couple that did something similar with toilet paper. The boy folded the ends of the roll like a hotel service to top off his bathroom cleaning session, and it tickled the domme so much that he's kept up the practice ever since. It's become a running joke. I'm sure this couple loves each other very much - and they are reminded every time this tiny, two-second event takes place.

You don't have to keep surprises confined to your bathroom, of course. Treat your domme to thoughtful touches anywhere. Pack her lunch. Shine her shoes. Organize a drawer. Give something extra. Any little thing that makes her life easier will earn you points - and make you a treasured, lucky boy.

Free "Dawn of Chastity"

Download "Dawn of Chastity" FREE August 6 and 7, 2013! Peek into the dominant mind as I spend a steamy morning playing with my chaste slave.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Emotional manipulation in femdom

Withholding sex. Scolding. Name-calling. Grudging approval outweighed by disapproval. The cold shoulder. Shaming. Abandonment. Humiliation.

If you're reading my writing, you probably find these things pretty hot. And they can be. But I'd like to point out what makes them sexy, and not actual abuse. Got your pencil ready? Here it is:


Ethics means being honest with your partner. It means that there's no hidden agenda. The "manipulation" of the submissive is out in the open, and "taking advantage" of him happens with his full knowledge and consent.

When I give an order, my submissive and I exchange a knowing look, and he begins his task with blushing awareness that he is being pussy whipped. He loves it. If there were any actual manipulation going on - chilly passive-aggressive hints, guilt tripping, and other childish vanilla posturing - he would have every right to call me on it. He cannot respect me if I do not respect him.

Ethics means protecting your partner. If your man is your submissive, you're in charge of his well-being. If you're going to push him into questionable tasks, they need to be beneficial: facing his fears, exploring his psyche, proving himself, making him a better man.

Demanding that he buy you jewelry will not make him a better man. It doesn't protect or improve him; it victimizes him. Instead, demand that he buy you dinner the night he launches his new business. (Or replace "dinner" with "a strap on" if that's more your thing.) Demand that he suck it up and push through difficulties. Demand that he try harder, be better, make you proud.

When I first researched femdom years ago, the instructions I found were lousy (and prompted me to write The Hesitant Mistress). The prevailing theories came out of some sort of subconscious female inferiority complex. Things like: You have to bribe your slave with sex. You can never let him penetrate you or he "wins." You have to pretend that he can't do anything right. You have to pick a stereotype to mimic (unlike male doms); you can't just use your own natural authority as a responsible adult.

Even as a beginner, I knew that was not the way to be. It's dishonest. It's fake. It adds tension instead of relieving it. It robs you of your own innate power. It cheats both partners out of an incredible opportunity to connect.

Psychopathic behavior may seem hot in the short term, but I advise against incorporating it into your sex life. Would you rather have a relationship that drains your soul, or one that fills it to bursting?

Love your partner, my dear readers. You deserve each other, so make it good.

Friday, June 28, 2013

My Bride's Maid released

My Bride's Maid
Dvanna Hightower

Andrew Valentine is an average guy at the cusp of the most important moment of his life - marriage into a family of powerful women. But his future mother-in-law would rather see him shamed and abused than in bed with her gorgeous daughter. In order to please the matron of the house, Andrew must comply with her humiliating demands.

From panties to high heels, what begins as cruelly forced crossdressing quickly descends into psychological territory Andrew had never imagined exploring - degradation, desperation, and forbidden desire. As Andrew learns to become Andrea, he discovers a deep need to please and submit to strong women. Will this marriage be more than he can handle... or could it lead to the life of his dreams?

An excerpt for my dear readers:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Upcoming release

My newest release is almost finished. It's a novel about forced crossdressing... which, over the course of a day, becomes not-so-forced crossdressing.

It has been mind-bending for me to write, because I'm a female dominant trying to write from the perspective of a male bottom learning to be a female submissive. I've had to pay so much attention to what it feels like to be female, it's giving me a crick in my neck from looking over my own shoulder.

I suspect this story goes a lot further into mental detail than most crossdressing erotica out there, because I had to examine it all step by step from the inside out. It even involved some experimental dressing, on my part. Yes, I wrote parts of this novel wearing too-tall heels and frillies....

If you like forced crossdressing and sissy maids, keep an eye out for my new one: "My Bride's Maid" by Dvanna Hightower, June 2013!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For your vanilla girlfriend - the book you have been waiting for!

The Hesitant Mistress:
A Guide to Claiming Your Feminine Power
Dvanna Hightower

The submissive man in a vanilla relationship faces a daunting challenge. How can he convince his demure girlfriend to take charge without turning her off? How can he show her that female domination is not a sick stereotype, but a healthy and romantic way to enhance her life? This book is the answer to his prayers.

His girlfriend's hesitation is perfectly understandable. Since female dominants are so often depicted as arrogant sadists intent on hurting and humiliating men, it's not surprising that any woman would feel reluctant to adopt this role in her relationship. After all, who would treat her beloved partner as if she hated him?

But she has no need to worry. The real female dominant is not a cruel psychopath. Her relationship involves mutual trust, cooperation, and communication. She can be nurturing and reasonable. She can share her feelings and needs. She can be herself, more bravely than ever - and her partner will love her for it.

In The Hesitant Mistress, author and dominant Dvanna Hightower gently introduces the novice mistress to a new world of life-enhancing possibilities. The male submissive will try to give his lady everything she desires; all she needs to do is recognize the confidence she already has inside her.

Part self-help book, part kinky instruction manual, The Hesitant Mistress is an indispensable introduction to female-led relationships. Any woman who reads it will never be the same.

Order on Amazon:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lost in Chastity released

Poor Reggie! He has such a high libido, but the ladies would rather toy with him than use it.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dawn of Chastity

Take a step into my bedroom, my dear reader... and invite me into your dreams.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Enter to win!

In celebration of the launch of Lost in Chastity, I am giving away a free 12-pack of Sharpie markers. To enter this random drawing, send me a private message using the speech balloon icon at the upper-right side of my Google+ profile ( One lucky fan will be contacted on July 4, 2013. I will not be held responsible for anything fun and silly the winner does with his prize. ;) Good luck and happy labeling, dear readers!